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THE FILM: "The Family Web" (August Sun Productions)

YOU DON'T SAY: Debbie Loeb, sister of songstress Lisa Loeb costars
in the Staten Island set "The Family Web."

THE STARS: Jason Olive, Frank Bello, Allison McDonell and Debbie Loeb

THE SCOOP: "Web" is a Generation X tale about a dysfunctional family that centers on two siblings. Blake (a beer-loving, angry guitarist played by Bello) and Jenna (Blake's younger, sexually confused sister). New York playwright veteran Rob Locke directs from a screenplay written by Tim Burrows.

LOCATIONS: Hard-rocking residents of Staten Island have reason to get excited when the film shoots scenes of the band Big Fat Cadillac (featuring Jewel on the keyboards) playing "Dark Blue" at the Cave (700 Van Duzer), a steamy, Gothic"

LOUNGING GROUNDS: Besides Staten Island's the Cave (which boasts Van Halen tribute bands and college night every Wednesday), look for cast and crew nearby grabbing slices of vodka pizza at Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza (1718 Hyland Blvd.) or sipping beer at casual Bavarian beer hall Kilmeyer's (4254 Arthur Hill Rd.).

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sure, rockers and models date and mingle, but can they actually act! Apparently so. At least it seems that that film's casting director had enough faith to try out the diverse trio or Olive (a model, Bello (a bassist in a heavymetal band) and Loeb (sister of balladeer Lisa Loeb)