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America's Newest Sweethearts takes an in-depth look at the women on the US Freestyle National Wrestling Team, a team which currently holds the number two spot in the world. The women combine the strength and agility of Ballet and Judo to produce smooth, lightning quick moves.

Gold medalist Kristie Marano, Silver medalists Patricia Miranda, Tina George, Sara McMann and Toccara Montgomery, and Bronze medalists Jenny Wong and Sally Roberts all showcased. Their team took home the Silver medal.

debuts Sunday March 27 at 4 pm EST on PAXtv
and Wednesday March 30 at 3 pm EST on Fox Sports Network

To View the Trailer: http://rpw.studio11.com/video/RPW_Video-S1Promo.swf

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Sixty percent of all proceeds from Journey Into Olympic Wrestling and America's Newest Sweethearts go to USA Wrestling and The Metropolitan Wrestling Association which are the sponsors for the US National Men's and Women's Teams and the New York based team members.

USA Wrestling: http://www.themat.com
Metropolitan Wrestling Association: http://www.mwausa.org
NY Wrestling: http://www.nywrestling.com